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Don't let your codebase slow you down.

Search, navigate, and understand complex codebases in plain English.

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Onboard makes it at least 10 times faster for me to navigate our codebase. Just today I found some really esoteric hardware config stuff the fastest I've ever found it.

– Helmut Lord, Field Engineer, Nordic Semiconductor

Pretty darn impressed with Onboard AI so far. Paid $20 bucks, loaded up a Github repo, received quick, intelligent answers in plain English.

– Sebastian Gallese, Senior Engineer, Included Health

Loving the new tech. Has turned a nightmare of us taking apart an open source repo into an easy task.

– Pangle, Discord


Find the right code using natural language.

  • Works with 500+ programming languages.
  • Search across up to 100 repos at once.
  • Powered by keyword search, semantic search, and AI agents, to ensure even the most vague queries yield useful results.

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Solve bugs by simply describing them.

  • Paste-in an error message, Onboard finds the source of the error and how to fix it.
  • Turn opaque stack traces into fixes in seconds.
  • Debug legacy code with ease.

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Understand any codebase without frustration.

  • Onboard new developers 10X faster.
  • Quickly understand external libraries and open source projects.
  • Map out complex code changes instantly.

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Trusted by thousands of developers

Stop scouring messy documentation and hunting down original authors.





3.3 Million+

code files queried

AI expert on anyany open source your company's your side project's your favorite any private any public codebase

Onboard takes the anxiety out of navigating and understanding large codebases. Access an expert on any codebase, 24/7.

Chat with any codebase.

Search, navigate, and understand your codebase by chatting with it, just as you would with your senior engineer.

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Generate complex code changes.

Describe code changes in plain English, and Onboard will generate multi-repo, multi-file code, and tell you exactly where to put it.

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Search across 10+ repos at once.

Add up to 100 repos at once to a chat session - great for multi-repo codebases and external libraries for integrations and migrations!

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Come Onboard!

Start using Onboard on any repo in just 2 clicks!

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